Roots of MNSi – Not Just Music Education

MusicianCorps will expand access to quality music education for disadvantaged youth. But The Music National Service initiative really comes from a broader desire to promote the use of music (and youth service) to achieve many civic and social goals, not just public school education ones. El Sistema addresses poverty and youth development; Goldman Prize winner, … [Read more…]

“Once” – the film

I realize that I’m way late on this one. Just saw it last night. But how amazing (and somewhat cathartic to know) that so many people have seen a film that honestly depicts the passion and struggles of a talented, but “undiscovered,” singer songwriter. How could an artist be so gifted, authentic, driven and raw…and … [Read more…]

Value of Arts: Battleground ’08

Check out this article in NYT mag tomorrow. MNSi is happy to be studying with our friends (at Harvard’s Project Zero and CAPE) who promote the “studio habits” impact of the arts. But we also thank the friendly west coast crew that’s showing us how more music ALSO makes for better math and reading : … [Read more…]

Music Saves Lives (East Coast)

Check out this letter I just received: Congrats on PeaceLabs MusiCorps ! I am Pres of Students for Seniors Symphonies. My daughter is founder of Strings Work (going on it’s third year). Their mission is to use music (free string instrument training) as a social service tool. She goes into small urban communities (serving mostly … [Read more…]

Bill Fletcher my teacher and friend

Bill Fletcher was my high school composition and choral teacher (story in yesterday’s hometown paper): Bill’s a great teacher and artist, with deep and diverse influences. He’s a natural creative who imagines possibilities and believes in his students — he elicits their best through his confidence and optimism. I love this guy.—–

Studio Thinking (like creative habits below)

Also see Ellen Winner from Harvard’s Project Zero (and Lois Hetland), “Studio Thinking”: Studio and Creative Habits seem closely related to Deliberate Practice Theory. Nutshell: random, good advertising:—–

Not Arts for Arts Sake…Arts Corps Video

Hey, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel…just how we talk about it. “Arts for arts sake” (because it feels so important) doesn’t cut it in these tough times (of no $ for schools). “Music for reading and math sake” (cuz we know music students perform better in math and reading SATs) doesn’t tell me … [Read more…]