Bipartisan Band Rocks the House

The start of the “Congressional Musicians Caucus.” We’ll need their help to get MusicianCorps programs thru with National Service, Education, Health and Foreign Affairs (State Dept., etc) legislation: Then, of course, there’s these guys: “How exactly the original lineup — Trent Lott, John Ashcroft, Jim Jeffords and Larry Craig — was formed remains shrouded … [Read more…]

New Orleans Music Mentors Draw Crowds

“You get the feeling that…when you play something good, you’re proud.”—–

There is nothing naive about your impulse to change this world.

Enough to make an alumnus proud…ckg, Wes ’91 MIDDLETOWN, Conn. — Sen. Barack Obama asked Wesleyan University graduates Sunday to pursue a cause greater than themselves, saying, “There is nothing naïve about your impulse to change this world.”—–

PeaceLabs in Pakistan; Roots Keep it Real; Neville’s Back in New Orleans

Mr. Kacmaz (pronounced KATCH-maz) is part of a group of Turkish educators who have come to this battleground (Pakistan) with an entirely different vision of Islam. Theirs is moderate and flexible, comfortably coexisting with the West while remaining distinct from it. Like Muslim Peace Corps volunteers, they promote this approach in schools, which are now … [Read more…]

B(L)S & Avoiding Alzheimer’s with Piano Lessons

Remember the movie Wag the Dog? The Bureau of Labor Statistics seems to have liked that movie: Back to music. Music sharpens mental acuity for aging boomers in today’s NYT: “There is a gradual growing awareness that challenging your brain can have positive effects,” Dr. Cohen said. He said the plasticity of the brain … [Read more…]