Remarks of Michelle Obama’s Older Brother

“This is the person who would play the piano to calm me down before all of my big games in high school.” – Craig Robinson on his sister Michelle Obama—–

“Everything is Connected: The Power of Music”

Music as a civic strategy: books reviewed in this week’s Economist — “FOR Plato the art of music was so firmly anchored in moral and political reality that any alteration to the musical system would necessarily require a corresponding political shift.” Great Vietnamese Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, calls it “Interbeing” ( The intellectuals reviewed … [Read more…]

Hip Hop: Breakfast of Champions…Ask Michael Phelps

As most athletes know, music can help create a winning mind-frame. Boxers often walk out to the ring with their favorite track blaring in the background. Football and basketball teams can usually be found getting amped up in the locker room to a playlist of songs specifically designed to gear them up for the game. … [Read more…]

Ukulele for “Darker times” and Peter Gabriel’s Ideas

“You can’t walk down the street with a ukulele without being asked about it,” said Chris Johnson, who plays the instrument with the Deedle Deedle Dees, a Brooklyn-based rock band for children. “I teach some kids music lessons, usually starting with piano, but they are all interested in ukulele.” What the world seems to need … [Read more…]

Check out my buddy Jeremy Cohen…

…performing West African rhythms with his students from Umana Barnes, Public Middle School in East Boston, MA. cool huh? he tells me those kids never skip his class… check out Jeremy’s party here:—–