TIME Mag: Can Music Save Cuba?

“…change is coming to Cuba, and if the island is going to preserve its identity, it will need its music more than ever.” The Sound of Change: Can Music Save Cuba? By NATHAN THORNBURGH / HAVANA From the story, I can’t tell whether music will save the nation…but music’s clearly kept it alive through a failed … [Read more…]

Music Therapy Featured in the Washington Post

From the Washington Post December 23, 2008: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/12/19/AR2008121903041.html “Hitting the Right Notes To Aid the Ill”   Loeb, who has practiced at Howard County General Hospital, stresses that the “live human touch” is essential and can’t be matched by a CD or tape. “It’s important for us to be able to watch the patient and react musically. … [Read more…]

Economist Special Cover Story: Music and Evolution

Let there be no doubt that a global music education, engagement and service zeitgeist is well underway. It gives me the chills actually. Anyway, if best selling books by Daniel Levitan, Oliver Sacks and others hadn’t already signaled that scientists (neuro, social, evolutionary, etc) are fully engaged in the quest to articulate why music is … [Read more…]

In Response to Inquiries After the NPR Piece

FYI I sent this out late last night to the many extremely talented and experienced folks who ahve contacted us since the NPR story aired: Dear Friends of MusicianCorps, Thank you for contacting us. We’ve been blown away by the widespread, grassroots response to NPR’s recent story on “All Things Considered” (“MusicianCorps May Strike Right Tone … [Read more…]

NPR’s All Things…Strikes a Chord

People from all over are pouring in to help and be a part of the music public service movement after hearing this piece on NPR, ATC called, “MusicianCorps May Strike Right Tone For Obama” MNSi crew is working on getting back to everyone…and channeling the energy to make and Artist Corps happen! We opened up … [Read more…]