Music Saves Lives (East Coast)

Check out this letter I just received:

Congrats on PeaceLabs MusiCorps !

I am Pres of Students for Seniors Symphonies. My daughter is founder of Strings Work (going on it’s third year). Their mission is to use music (free string instrument training) as a social service tool. She goes into small urban communities (serving mostly the black community) with a her group teaching method and sets up a music conservatory-like after-school program.

Since 1998, I have been a strong advocate to rally gifted (amateur) musicians to use their talents for the sake of others. We have two multi-generational orchestras (for cancer center interaction), a jazz group in Princeton, playhouse for musicals and the outreach program.

Anyway, Carol Anne Blank NJMTA (Past Pres) thought that I should let you know that someone on the East Coast shares your interest and supports your altruistic goals.

Bill Kauffman

Right on Bill!!!! Thanks for your inspirational work and for reaching out. Let’s build a movement! kiff—–