“Once” – the film

I realize that I’m way late on this one. Just saw it last night. But how amazing (and somewhat cathartic to know) that so many people have seen a film that honestly depicts the passion and struggles of a talented, but “undiscovered,” singer songwriter.

How could an artist be so gifted, authentic, driven and raw…and still be poor, fighting for scraps and barely able to come up with enough dough to record his work (48 hrs in a studio)?

Times may be tough for everyone. But it seems like there’s a sense among arts funders that singer songwriting is more of a pop culture phenomenon than “true art.” Maaaaybe it’s a “low art” (at best). But these folks (and Rock Star wanna be’s) will be taken care of by the commercial sector. They’ll get picked up by American Idol or something. We don’t need to sorry about them.

Anyone taken a peek at the music industry lately? I wish some deep-pocketed arts funders would simply acknowledge the transformative power and wonderful craft of, yes, pop song writing…then, back that recognition with an investment that identifies and supports the best, like the major labels used to do.

Why leave all the spoils and fun to MySpace, Apple and our friends at Clear Channel? How bout an investment in artists like these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoSL_qayMCc? One that gives them an opportunity to serve for the benefit of all?

Music National Service.—–