Sir Ken Robinson & Daniel Pink

Why teaching creativity and the arts are important RIGHT NOW. Easy listening for popsters: video – Sir Ken Robinson, “Schools Kill Creativity” at TED: (this video’s all the rage, gone viral) audio – Daniel Pink, “Arts Education is an Urgency”: (similar arguments this side of the pond, without reading his book. thanks to … [Read more…]

Headed to SacTown Arts-Ed Style

driving to Sacramento this morning for a day of meetings with arts agencies and school district administrators, higher ed folks and state legislators. let’s see if we can make some headway with MusicianCorps in Cali… I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this … [Read more…]

Louise Packard and Trinity Inspire

Check out MusicianCorps supporter and friend Louise Packard’s inspiring gig in Boston, Ma: Louise just had a successful event honoring Boston’s Youth where young artists performed hip-hop and spoken word:—–

Music Saves Lives (in Mozambique)

You gotta check out the video of 2008 Goldman prize winner, Mozambique’s Feliciano dos Santos: The Music National Service initiative and MusicianCorps is focused first on bringing quality music education to our own nation’s, low income, public school children. But we definitely need a global music strategy. Not a commercial one, but one that … [Read more…]