Bipartisan Band Rocks the House

The start of the “Congressional Musicians Caucus.” We’ll need their help to get MusicianCorps programs thru with National Service, Education, Health and Foreign Affairs (State Dept., etc) legislation:

Then, of course, there’s these guys:

“How exactly the original lineup — Trent Lott, John Ashcroft, Jim Jeffords and Larry Craig — was formed remains shrouded in mystery, and little is known about the decision to exclude Orrin Hatch, at the time the Senate’s most successful Christian recording artist. But from that moment, the quartet was unstoppable.”

And finally, the man with the purse strings likes to jam…

“Rep. Obey Plays Some Killer Harp to Dancing Fans”

Those who have worked with (or against) House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) know him as an intensely focused budget wonk with a very short fuse. But those who have jammed out with the 69-year-old Obey, as several House members did Tuesday night, know him as a “killer” harmonica player who gets crowds jumping to their feet and shaking their stuff.—–