Missing Russert…

Tim Russert dies at 58. For me, Sundays will never be the same…but the loss of Tim Russert is bigger than the sadness we all feel in his absence. In my opinion, through his weekly show “Meet the Press,” Tim played a key role in making our democracy work. I’m not exaggerating. Tim was unique — deeply respected by Democrats and Republicans alike, and fiercely committed to uncovering the truth and holding politicians’ feet to the fire. Tim had unique cred + ability. His credibility and commitment was unmatched among political journalists. Let’s hope that his life inspires remaining talking heads to reach for the highest standards that he established and embodied. This election is too important; literally, our Democracy is calling.

One more important note about Russert on this Father’s Day: Tim dedicated his life to celebrating fatherhood and encouraging people to understand and love their dad. His book, Big Russ, about his father was a best seller. Thank you for your gifts to us all Tim. Happy Father’s Day.