Hip Hop: Breakfast of Champions…Ask Michael Phelps

As most athletes know, music can help create a winning mind-frame. Boxers often walk out to the ring with their favorite track blaring in the background. Football and basketball teams can usually be found getting amped up in the locker room to a playlist of songs specifically designed to gear them up for the game. So what does an 11-time Olympic gold medalist listen to while readying himself to break more world records? When asked this question by The Today Show, Phelps paused before replying “Lil Wayne- ‘I’m Me.'”

Pumping up America’s latest golden boy, Lil Wayne’s lyrics are (sans beats):

“The hottest under the sun/ aint nobody fuckin’ wit me, man/ and you already know that pimpin’/…fuck up my dreams; somebody gon’ die tonight” and “Aint nothin’ gonna stop me, so just envy it/ Hey, I’ll accept a friendly quit/ I’m me/ bitch, I’m me/ so who you?/ you’re not me/ you’re not me/ and I know that aint fair, but i don’t care”

Source, NYT and: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.7503/title.lil-wayne-is-the-music-of-champions-ask-michael-phelps—–