You Can’t Keep It Down – Credits

All Vocals and Piano by Kiff.
Guitars: Dan Nervo and Randy Jacobs.
Bass: Mark Calderon.
Drums: Ramy Antoun and Curt Bisquera.
Percussion: Michael Spiro.
Hammond B3 Organ: Bill Mason.

Additional Info: .01. Now: guitar – Randy; hammond b3, synth – Kat Ouano; drums – Curt. .02. Coming Home: guitars – Dan; drums – Ramy. Lies: guitars – Dan; drums – Ramy; string samples – Kiff. .04. Die for the Cause: guitars – Dan and Randy; drums – Curt; hammond b3 – Ben Yonas; celest, marxophone, pedal steel, flute, harpsicord – Patrick Warren; additional keys – Kiff. .05. Starting Line: bells, strings, vibes, bridge steel – Patrick Warren; cello – Cameron Stone. .06. How it Feels: rhoades, synth – Kiff; guitar – Randy; drums – Ramy; .07. Give it Up: guitars – Dan and Randy; drums – Ramy and Curt. .08. Your Body: rhoades, synth – Kiff; guitar – Dan; drums – Curt; synth/ vibes, strings, marxophone – Patrick Warren. .09. Talk to Me: guitar – Dan; drums – Ramy; .10. Follow the Leader: guitar – Randy; synth – Kiff; hammond b3 – Justus Dobrin; drums – Ramy. .11. In this World: synth – Kiff; electric guitar – Randy; acoustic guitar – Dan; drums – Curt; flute, pedal steel, strings/bones, tibia organ – Patrick Warren; percussion – Andrew Bush

All songs written and produced by Chris “Kiff” Gallagher (PeaceLabs Music, BMI).

Additional production by Andrew Bush.* Mixed by Joe Chiccarelli (2,3,5,7,8,9,10) and Mark Needham (1,4,6,11). Mastered by Michael Romanowski. LA Sessions at Grandma’s Warehouse, Echo Park; Bay Area Sessions at Coas Recorders and SF Soundworks, SF; Fantasy Studios, Oakland. Additional engineering: Sebastien Richard, Oliver Spencer, Rachel Allgood, Will Brierre, Chris Konovaliv, Justin Lieberman, and Kiff. *Co-Production on Die 4 the Cause, InThis World, & Lies by A. Bush. Additional Production on Now by Enrique Gonzales Müller.

Photos by Tony Deifell
except: “Stairway To…” by, ‘shittalk’ by, ‘gallagher’ by Design: