Only Music Spurs Such Dreams…

From NYTimes today: “A career in the arts has always been difficult to establish. But in the last few years the process of breaking in has changed as digital technologies and shifting economics profoundly alter the ways in which art is made, popularized and consumed. Perhaps no entertainment industry has changed as rapidly as the … [Read more…]

Black College Marching Bands: an American Gem

“They had enrolled in the summer band camp operated by the Marching 100. For the campers, these eight days offered a kind of initiation; for the band, they offered the chance to recruit future members and to spread its ecstatic performance style literally around the world.” “In the nation’s historically black colleges, marching bands have … [Read more…]

Innovation Strategy: Music Service Corps

Everyone agrees that solving today’s complex and troubling global challenges will require new ways of thinking and working. A majority of Fortune 500 companies tell us that, even more than reading and math, American students need to be learning the core skills of innovation to succeed in a competitive world economy. How do we ingrain … [Read more…]