NPR’s All Things…Strikes a Chord

People from all over are pouring in to help and be a part of the music public service movement after hearing this piece on NPR, ATC called, “MusicianCorps May Strike Right Tone For Obama” MNSi crew is working on getting back to everyone…and channeling the energy to make and Artist Corps happen! We opened up … [Read more…]

MNSi talks arts ed w pros on artsjournal blog…

Live, Dec 1-5, it’s (drumroll…) “the value of arts in america!”: Featuring bloggers: Sam Hope, executive director, The National Office for Arts Accreditation (NOAA); Jack Lew, Global University Relations Manager for Art Talent at EA; Laura Zakaras, RAND; James Cuno, Director, Art Institute of Chicago; Richard Kessler, Executive Director, Center for Arts Education; Eric Booth, Actor; Midori, Violinist; Bau Graves, Executive director, Old … [Read more…]

MNSi hits UMich Arts Enterprise & CMJ

Kiff did a two-day residency at the University of Michigan to discuss MusicianCorps and the intersection of arts, entrepreneurship and public service. Later he joined Oxfam, PETA, IAVA and band “The Greater Good” on the Music for Change panel at CMJ in NYC.

MNSi Accepting Donations

MNSi now accepts credit card donations through Network For Good. You can also donate via PayPal; a PayPal account is not required.

MNSi Speaker Series Launches

The Honorable Bass Player, Governor Mike Huckabee rocked with Congressional Musicians Caucus Co-Chair, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY), in support of MNSi. See Wash. Post, HuffPost, Center for American Progress story & video, photos.

Roland Fryer and MNSi

Harvard economist and social innovator, Roland Fryer from the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute partners with MNSi to design MusicianCorps pilot program evaluation.

Innovation Strategy: Music Service Corps

Everyone agrees that solving today’s complex and troubling global challenges will require new ways of thinking and working. A majority of Fortune 500 companies tell us that, even more than reading and math, American students need to be learning the core skills of innovation to succeed in a competitive world economy. How do we ingrain … [Read more…]

Introducing ImaginArtists

You’ve heard of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the PeaceCorps and AmeriCorps. Please join PeaceLabs, MNSi and the ImaginArtists Alliance in promoting the creation of a Music and Artist Corps.