Blogs on America Forward

Read our blog posts on music, service and social innovation on policy site America Forward. The posts went up in Dec. ’07 and June ’08.

MNSi is rocking!

The PeaceLabs vision of leveraging the power of music to meet social and civic goals through a “Musician Corps” is rocking! We have been on the road all fall, building support for the Music National Service Initiative (MNSi). In addition to launching the non-profit (thank you Howard Rice!), MNSi is cultivating a strong network of … [Read more…]

Thich Naht Hanh on success

In August of 2001 I was on my 2nd meditation retreat with Veitnamese monk and Buddhist teacher, Thich Naht Hanh when I had the opportunity to personally ask Thay (TNH’s nickname) about the purpose of business and the true meaning of success and wealth. I got a recording of his answer and asked my friend, … [Read more…]

PeaceLabs and CARE

In 2007, PeaceLabs had an opportunity work with folks from CARE and the Gates Foundation to develop an initiative on maternal, newborn and child health in the developing world. Hopefully this venture, designed to improve policies and increase government appropriations for global health, will be a big success. As part of the project, we traveled … [Read more…]

Hugh Masekela @ Stern Grove

PeaceLabs Music catches amazing South African artist Hugh Masekala at the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco. Watch and listen to the under 3-min video of Hugh talking about “Indifference and the Darfur tragedy”

Kiff Update

Kiff continues to incubate and play with new material in his basement. But he hasn’t been rehearsing his band or booking shows while he launches the new “Peace Corps for musicians.” Kiff says, “Taking this idea from vision to reality is the ‘album’ we’re making right now. I miss connecting with friends through live shows, … [Read more…]